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These historical images of San Francisco primarily come from one collector who wishes to remain anonymous. The collection may be the greatest in private hands, amounting to over 100,000 negatives and prints. OpenSFHistory is a program created by the nonprofit organization, Western Neighborhoods Project, to share these images, and those from similar private collections, with the world. More information at About OpenSFHistory


  • Temple Emanu-El: A Closer Look - Oct 23, 2017
    by Woody LaBounty

    A closer look at an OpenSFHistory image. As naively disrespectful boys in the 1970s, we would ride our bikes into the Temple Emanu-El courtyard; do a quick loop around its fountain; and coast back downhill on Lake Street to our 11th Avenue block. Read More...
  • The San Franciscans: Irene Canby LeRoy & Family - Oct 15, 2017
    by Nicole Meldahl

    Researching locals found in an OpenSFHistory image. History work is anything but glamorous. Read More...
  • 1868 Earthquake: A Closer Look - Oct 9, 2017
    by Woody LaBounty

    A closer look at an OpenSFHistory image. It is not surprising that a collection of historical San Francisco images would have many, many views of the 1906 earthquake. Read More...
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